Finding quality content online these days is quite a hassle. With so many blogs and social media pages out there, it's quite difficult, time consuming and expensive to find the right content for all your music production and audio engineering needs.
The AMP app (All-things Music Production) gives you an easy to use mobile platform for discovering mobile ready, high quality and categorised  Music Production and Audio Engineering content. 
The AMP app, complete with lots of exciting features, is your all inclusive mobile platform for All-things Music Production.

Much more than your average Content Provider.

A few months after we go live, the AMP app won't only provide you with mobile ready and categorised music production content from around the web, it would also alert you when ever there is a music production event, audio gear sales and industry job alerts around your physical location plus more features planned.   

Lets Get This Party Started. Version 1.0.

AMP's version 1.0 is now live on the Apple store and Google Market. Version 1.0  comes fully packed with general categorised, mobile ready, music production and sound engineering content while we work tirelessly behind the scenes to add exciting and innovative features to create the only mobile platform you will ever need for your music production and audio engineering content.  

Get AMP on iOS here.

Get AMP on Android here.